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Emberion and Kowa - It's a Perfect Match!

Emberion, a pioneer in the development of image sensors with CQD (Colloidal Quantum Dots) technology, has developed a camera series with its own sensor technology. After several tests with different use cases, Kowa's HC-VIS-SW lens series was found to be ideal for Emberion's VS20 VIS-SWIR camera.

Sylvain Pineau, Sales Manager at Emberion, confirms that Kowa's VIS-SWIR range offers the best performance at all wavelengths, and is therefore the perfect combination to deliver the best image quality in the 400 to 2000 nm range for applications such as plastics sorting, food inspection and more.

Learn more about the applications to SWIR as well as the collaboration with Emberion.

To the HC-VIS-SW lens series

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