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Racing car of ETH Zurich uses a wide-angle Kowa lens

The new Formula Student season is in full swing. It is an engineering design competition for students where teams build a race car from scratch and compete against each other in races. The Akademischer Motorsportverein Zürich (AMZ) was founded in 2006 by students from ETH Zurich and has been taking part in Formula Student with purely electrically powered racing cars since 2010.

Also this year, the team is constructing an electric racing car which can drive autonomously as well as be steered by a driver. Machine Vision is very important for autonomous driving, so that the environment and the route can be recognized. Since this car uses only one camera instead of two like last year, it needs a very wide-angle lens. After various lens tests, the AMZ team decided on the Kowa LM4HC lens because it enables an opening angle of up to 112° to be achieved with a 1'' sensor.

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